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“Moggerhanger Park - in the heart of the country, changing the heart of the nation”


By using the historical Moggerhanger Park connection to the Thornton family, who were part of the Clapham Group 200 years ago, we have created a “platform” to help gather interested people to assist one another in “catalysing” various initiatives, to in some small way play our part, wholly in collaboration with others, to impact 21
st Century UK contemporary culture. We believe there is a “prophetic symmetry” when comparing the call of William Wilberforce in late Georgian Society to work for a “reformation of manners” then - and the present need of similar strategies to be facilitated for the “hour we are in” now.

Having ignored over 40 years of “prophetic warnings” since the latter part of the 20
th Century, delivered to both Church and Nation, we consider the people of the UK, and more particularly, those that lead its institutions, have effectively “exiled” the Christian worldview from the centre of UK cultural life. We discern there is therefore now an urgent need to offer “apostolic solutions”, from “the margins” of UK culture back into the centre, over potentially many years. We aim to make consistent and inspired “Clapham Connections” to meet some of the societal challenges that lie ahead of us. By so doing, we pray we, together with you, will bless our Nation and ultimately have the privilege of introducing many people to the hope that is in Jesus Christ by finding joy and fulfillment in responding to His gospel and the salvation that is only possible by faith in Him alone.

Come and see the CCM projects we are modelling and “templating” here. We pray they will inspire you.

Please also consider Moggerhanger Park – the House, Grounds and Farm - as a place for you to gather the people you are working with “for such a time as this”. (Up to 45 people can be accommodated overnight). If you find the website interesting, please just go to the Twitter, Facebook, or Contact “tabs” on this Home Page and lets begin a conversation to consider how CCM can be of assistance to you, and those you work with, to make a difference for good, by working with others of goodwill in these momentous days……..

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