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Welcome to this part of our website – the 7 Pillars Strategy

This is the CCM pattern for contemporary Christian ministry for delivery of apostolic solutions into 21
st Century UK culture.

Go straight to the video or please click on any of the buttons below for more information. If you would like to enquire further as to the history of our thinking on this strategy then please research further below.

7 Pillars

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The 40 years Paradigm
CCM offer the possibility for your consideration that a marked declension in Church influence in UK culture can be measured as starting from the early 1970s, where it is believed the last chance for a great impact on UK culture was empowered by the Holy Spirit of God.

The basic CCM proposition is that the Nationwide Festival of Light of 1971 should have led to transformative change in UK culture but did not - due to a divergence between the cultural prophetic message of Mary Whitehouse warning of pornography and use of TV and the Church revival message from Jean Darnall given in 1967 and weighed and tested up to 1971. Both “prophetesses” should, in restrospect, have been “kept together” not separate. However, the Church spent much of the following two decades after 1971 arguing about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and left the cultural interface completely.
The 6 sins of Jeremiah 7 – applied to the UK during 1984-87

As stated elsewhere on this website – CCM tab under The Moggerhanger Miracle – CCM was formed in 1989.

This followed the weighing and testing of the
national events of 1984-1987.

Clifford Hill had prophesied publicly at a gathering in November 1984 concerning a coming judgement over a 3-year period.

Please refer to the January 1988 Editorial in the magazine Prophecy Today, which retrospectively interpreted the judgements that occurred during that period against each of the six national sins identified in Jeremiah 7. Please also refer to the prophetic commentary on the same Editorial, on pages 38-41 inclusive of the publication
“Hearing from God” published in 1995. We at CCM consider these prophetic utterances to have been some of the most accurate we have experienced and therefore commend them to you today as true prophecy.

Sin 1 : False Religion - consecration of apostate Bishop of Durham
1st Sign : York Minster fire day after

Sin 2 : Idolatry – Bradford’s First Muslim Lord Mayor
nd Sign: Few hours later Bradford City Football Stadium fire

Sin 3 : Immorality – safe sex rather than only in marriage
rd Sign : AIDS becomes rife

Sin 4 : Injustice – unbridled greed and corruption
th Sign : the sinking of “The Herald of Free Enterprise”

Sin 5: Murder – through violent computer games
th Sign : slaughter of “innocent blood” in Hungerford

th Sign : Hurricane across disproportionately affluent Southern Britain

The subsequent immediate aftermath is covered by the BBC 9O’Clock News of the 20
th October 1987

The crash remembered in light of 2008-10 crash.

A brief synopsis of the events thought to be prophetically significant by CCM during the period 1984-1987

The Call to Repentance

The subsequent National Call to Prayer and Repentance at Westminster Hall in London on 05 March 1988 did not lead to repentance in the Church as a whole but rather most of the Church acquired belief in an instant “revival” that was coming. This derailed the Church once more into its own meetings, rather than looking out to the culture. A season of particular declension in our society from biblical morality and laws were added to the statute book that moved the culture further away from its Judeo-Christian moorings during the ensuing period.
Waiting on the Lord – the acquisition of Moggerhanger Park

As detailed elsewhere on this website, during the intervening period 1989-2007 inclusive, looking for the answer to the “Clapham” prophecy for PWM, BCGA and CCM in regard to relocation, which had been given in 1990, the eventual purchase of Moggerhanger Park for £1 in 1993 and the ensuing miracle of the Lord’s financial provision, led to the permanent establishment of CCM and other associated ministries at The Park. In retrospect, this period can be seen as a time of preparation and “waiting upon the Lord” for further insight. (Please refer to the “Moggerhanger Miracle” section of our website, where the amazing story of acquisition and restoration of the House, Grounds and Farm is told).
Reconnecting to African and African-Caribbean Church streams

CCM catch up with Jonathan Oloyede at New Wine

Danny Stupple CCM Trustee preaching at FoL October 2010

“Interview with Clifford Hill at Festival of Life – 28 March 2008”

Research was carried out by CCM into the beginnings of the African and African-Caribbean immigration movement with the ship “Empire Windrush”, when 492 emigres arrived at Tilbury Docks on 22 June 1948.

CCM believe that following the UK turning their back on Israel post-WW2 and with the founding of the modern state of Israel on 15 May 1948 the Lord was speaking. The UK saw her “Empire” fall away because of her behaviour towards Israel (documented fully in the “Forsaken Promise” and “Destiny of Britain” documentaries published by
The Hatikvah Trust

CCM believe that the Lord would therefore ordained that the “Empire” would now come to the shores of the UK and be a source of great blessing to the UK Church – a “windrush” – or “move of God’s Spirit / breath” only one month after the formation of the modern state of Israel!

“The legacy of the Windrush Generation”

During this waiting period, given Clifford and Monica Hill’s work in the late 1950s / early 1960s onwards, and the fact that Moggerhanger offered a “Wilberforce Connection” there was a growing sense that understanding this connection with African and African-Caribbean brothers and sisters in Christ was important before CCM could significantly move forward.

By 2007 The Zong Project (please refer to the “CCM” tab within the Moggerhanger Miracle) and other consultations had formed significant relational work around “The Legacy of Slavery”. This brought Clifford and Monica back into relationship with the burgeoning Black Majority Churches, especially in London.
The moves of the Holy Spirit in the UK and Western Church generally during the 1990s
As CCM do not just listen to one stream of prophetic insight, we consider it also worthy of note that during this “waiting period” the Church in the UK was greatly impacted by the ministry of the “Kansas City Prophets” between mid-1988 and late October 1990. Clifford Hill and John Wimber, the leader of the world-wide Vineyard movement, had clashed on the nature of prophetic ministry being encouraged at the time, particularly that of prominent people in the movement, such as Bob Jones and Paul Cain. The promise of “national revival” by these prominent individuals, at a Conference at the Excel Centre in London Docklands, in late October 1990, did not materialise. Ultimately, John Wimber, before his death in 1993, was reconciled with Clifford but there was a sense that the charismatic movement in the UK had reached a “crossroads” with regard to understanding the Lord’s intent for the Nation in terms of prophecy.

During 1992, CCM tentatively propose for your consideration, that The House of Windsor saw the judgement of God because of dabbling with occultic powers which led to the break-up of royal marriages in the young generation and the destruction of Windsor Castle by flames, with a fire started in the Chapel. Judgement NOT revival became clearly the word of the Lord to the Nation and its monarch.
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Windsor Castle Damaged by Fire

1992 – a prophetic review

From January 1994 onwards at The Toronto Airport Vineyard, Canada - and more particularly in the UK, following a talk by Eleanor Mumford, joint Leader of The Vineyard in the UK with her husband John, on 15 May 1994 – which preceded a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the ministry time that followed - a movement that some termed the “Toronto Blessing” greatly impacted certain sections of the UK charismatic movement and what were then being termed the New Churches.

Throughout the ensuing 3 years many meetings were held throughout the whole UK where many testified to being powerfully filled with the Holy Spirit. In particular, the New Churches held regular meetings at The Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street during that 3 year period.

Clifford Hill, David Pawson and other notable leaders were deeply sceptical following the events four years previously, and through certain books and meetings, asked the UK Church to carefully “weigh and test” any purported “fruit” from the movement.

Then on Fathers Day, 18 June 1995, at The Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensecola, Florida USA another outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place, with a much greater emphasis on “conviction of sin” preaching and salvation. This continued with strength around the USA and UK until around the end of 1997.

In retrospect, in seeking to “hold onto the good” of these movements, CCM would offer for your consideration the following thoughts.

Toronto = Alpha
The 15 May 1994 meeting at which Ellie Mumford spoke was held at Holy Trinity Brompton in London. Whilst already a Church that was growing powerfully - and during the time of Sandy Millar’s leadership closely associated with the Kansas City Prophets - the then Curate, Nicky Gumbel had a few years earlier taken responsibility for The Alpha Course.

At the time of the Holy Spirit outpouring, whilst already a popular local Course, its distinctive Holy Spirit Weekend, at Week 10 of 12 weekly meetings, became very well-known throughout the period of interest shown by the Worldwide Church, following the outpouring.

CCM consider this in retrospect may have been the Lord wanting to promote Alpha across the earth, because it welcomed Him to minister powerfully during the Holy Spirit Weekend, which was an unusual aspect, when compared to any other evangelistic course being offered at the time. Just a glimpse at the
Alpha Course website and any history of the Course on the internet will show that Alpha is now running in approximately 10,500 separate locations across the Earth at any one time and has been used by the Lord to win many to himself. At CCM we believe that any true outpouring of the Holy Spirit will lead to salvation of souls in outreach and evangelism as on the first Pentecost morning.

CCM therefore consider Alpha to have been good fruit from the “Toronto Blessing” outpouring of 1994-97.

Fathers Day outpouring - The Fathers Heart revealed
As stated earlier, on Fathers Day, 18 June 1995, at The Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensecola, Florida USA another outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place, with a much greater emphasis on “conviction of sin” preaching and salvation. This continued with strength until around the end of 1997. Again, please consult the internet to see how far-reaching this movement has become. Together with the Toronto movement, by now called “Catch the Fire” and the Bethel Church in Redding, California, led by Bill Johnson and his colleagues, represents a whole proliferation of “Fathers Heart” ministries that can be traced back to this outpouring. At CCM we believe that any authentic outpouring of the Holy Spirit should lead to a greater love of Father God.

CCM therefore consider the myriad “Fathers Heart Ministries” now released across the earth today to have been good fruit from the “Fathers Day” outpouring of 1995-97.

(In particular, CCM would recommend
Father Heart Ministries as CCM have begun discussions as to how Moggerhanger may be of use to Trevor and Linda Galpin in the UK ministry of this movement).
So, coming into the present, CCM were greatly encouraged to be represented at The Revival Alliance Gathering at Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street on 1-3 September 2011. Prophecy received by the leaders of this coalition of ministries, connected to both The Toronto Blessing and Fathers Heart movements, confirmed from a sod exposition of Ezra 4 and 5 (see Hebrew Hermeneutics elsewhere on this website) the movement gathered 14 years later after the last earlier revival meetings held at Emmanuel Centre in 1997, believing that a “Second Chance” was being offered to “cross over” this time into the “promised land”. CCM took this to mean a second chance to impact UK culture, which had signally not occurred by 1997.

Bill Johnson prophesied at the Gathering, that 01 September 2011 signalled a new day for the UK Church. The leaders present at the meeting witnessed to this as a true word from the Lord.

CCM believe that this insight, together with the other material recorded in this section of the website, confirmed that the remainder of 2011 and 2012 would indeed be significant.
The Great Shaking

Now lets just reverse a bit to consider the collateral revelation that was being given through our own CCM stream.

Rumblings of financial difficulty began to be heard in the media during the summer of 2008. A growing sense that the “shaking” prophesied in the 1988 Editorial in Prophecy Today (as above) following the Stock Market warning in 1987, was about to break.

Hebrews 12
26 At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, ‘Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.’ 27 The words ‘once more’ indicate the removing of what can be shaken – that is, created things – so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,29 for our ‘God is a consuming fire.’

Guided by this governing principle of understanding a shaking of society by God in the light of His end-time intent, namely that what cannot be shaken will remain, we believe that UK society is being shaken, especially since 2008 in a more pronounced way, so that the UK will return to the Lord and the values of His Kingdom, which cannot be shaken.

A meeting of National Church and Christian leaders in culture, convened by Clifford Hill and Dennis Wrigley (of Maranatha Community), 80 in all, from both black and white streams of Church, gathered at Committee Room 3 in the House of Commons on 04 October 2008, At this meeting John Manwell, of the Maranatha Community, prophesied that a divine judgement had begun, and that the African and African-Caribbean church would now arise, to which many witnessed as a true utterance anointed by the Holy Spirit

This video of a talk given by Clifford Hill on 14 June 2009 summarises the situation at that time with a good recounting of the history of revelation on these matters.

“God is shaking the Nations”
The Second Chance

Following the 04 October 2008 consultation and the agreement that a significant period of judgement from God had begun, there was a further gathering of the same leaders, again approximately 80 in all, at The House of Lords on 11 December 2008 to pray and discuss together what the Lord may be saying. At the conclusion of this meeting there was unanimous agreement that a “State of the Nation” Prayer Day should be convened for 28 February 2009, at Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, to press-in, in intercession, to seek the Lord’s heart for the UK at this time.

In the Spring of 2009, following the “State of the Nation” Prayer Day, Clifford Hill prophesied once more about the possibility of a
“second chance”, 40 years later than when the charismatic movement began in the UK, and that we were to pray and work for an opportunity for the UK Church to impact culture with the gospel once more.

An opportunity to engage again was indeed offered later in 2011, 40 years to the year!, after the Nationwide Festival of Light in 1971, when through the Global Day of Prayer movement and our CCM connection with Jonathan Oloyede, a gathering of 1000 leaders, including many from the 1971 Nationwide Festival of Light event, were called to a prayer meeting on 17 September 2011. We were challenged by Jonathan to prepare for the cultural impact opportunity that the public events of 2012 offered, with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics / Paralympics, and called to bring 80 people each to a National Day of Prayer at Wembley Stadium on 29 September 2012!

CCM therefore believe that 40 years later – to the year – a challenge was being offered - to this time be obedient and “cross-over” into the “promised land” of cultural impact.

Many at The Gathering of the 1000 leaders on 17 September 2011 agreed with this prophetic thesis and spoke to us.

We have collated the important interviews for your interest here :

David Hathaway – World Evangelist – said a return to a simple, clear gospel presentation, with Signs and Wonders following, was all that was needed!

Dennis Wrigley – Maranatha Community leader – told us that a network of regional Church leaders was to be released. Eastleigh region are mentioned in this interview but it is applicable to all regions in the UK

Andrea Williams – Christian Concern – looking towards the Olympic Games year as an opportunity to show the UK to the world, would we return to the Lord?

Gerald Coates – Pioneer – spoke powerfully about the next Generation of leaders needing “spiritual fathers”

Lyndon Bowring – CARE – encapsulated the sense of prophetic destiny of the moment in remembering the 40-year period since the Nationwide Festival of Light in 1971 and the “Second Chance” now being offered by the Lord to impact the UK culture in 2012

David Hathaway

Dennis Wrigley

Lyndon Bowring

Gerald Coates

Andrea Williams

2012 and all that

To properly understand the prophetic significance of 2012 we at CCM propose for your consideration that we must first return to the events of 2005.

The IOC announced on 06 July 2005 that London had been successful in its bid for the 2012 Olympic Games. This had not been expected as Paris were emerging as clear favourites at the time. To refresh your memory - Announcement of London 2012 winning nomination Was this the Lord showing favour to the UK at this time?

The next day on 07 July 2005 London was shaken horrifically. We believe the terrorist atrocities were to be seen as an “enemy counter-attack” by Satan, as he was angry that London were being given this opportunity.
We noted how this action caused an even stronger resolve in the Nation to combat terrorism and prepare for the Games.

When the riots took place in London and other areas of the UK in August 2011, we again interpreted this as an enemy attack on London, a year prior to the Games beginning. However, as with 2005, we believe the enemy “over-stretched” himself and caused good to come out of a terrible situation. For instance, great testimony was given to the Nation as to the power of the Christian Gospel to change lives – see the Sky New coverage

Clifford Hill’s book that uses the opportunity afforded by the riots to give prophetic insight to the ongoing “Legacy of Slavery” will be a resource to CCM, giving major insight to assist the “Clapham Connection” on this issue into the future.

We were also encouraged that a prophecy given by Rob Hotchkin of “Extreme Prophetic” in July 2011, one month before the riots, at the “Catch the Fire : London” Conference saw “London Burning” as a spiritual analogy for a move of spiritual passion for Jesus arising. Please see the “London Burning” promo, shown at the “Gathering of 1000 leaders” at Wembley Stadium on 17 September 2011.

In August 2011 CCM caught up with Jonoathan Oloyede, a good friend to CCM, who gave us insight as to how the movement to gather the 1000 leaders was going and the hopes that the intercessors were receiving for what the Lord intended to do in UK culture in 2012 through the Jubilee and the Olympics.
Jonathan Oloyede and Danny Stupple CCM Trustee talk about hopes for 2012.

Together with the record of all the other revelation listed above, between 2005-2011 inclusive, CCM took it that we were to prepare for the Olympic Games to be a great blessing to the Nation.

When coupled with the 60
th Anniversary of the Accession to Throne of Elizabeth II 2012 was approached with great faith.

Some of our “spiritual” highlights of the year are collated for your interest below :

Beni Johnson
prophecy May 2012

Beacons and flames – a fulfilment of Jean Darnall’s prophecy of 1967-71? The 2012 Moment

“The 2012 Opportunity – with Jonathan Oloyede and Jono Harvey” - Hope for Our Times on Revelation TV

Tracking the Olympic Flame Praise Bus – a CCM partnership with Highways Solutions and Eschalls Chapel

Day 1 – Setting off!

Day 24 – Inverness to Aberdeen

Day 52 – Oxford

Day 56 – Bournemouth

Day 67 – London

The Prayer Baton – Bournemouth > Southampton > Portsmouth

Then the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic / Paralympic Games took place and both greatly impacted the Nation positively.

The Lord had kept His promise to bless the UK culture in 2012!

It was wonderful to see His favour once more upon the Monarchy with a new generation of Royalty taking up their destiny and Elizabeth being honoured for 60 years of unstinting service – 20 years, to the year, after her annus horribilis – see earlier in this website.

The National Day of Prayer and Worship 29.09.12 held at Wembley Stadium then took place after the Olympic and Paralympic Games (this is covered at the Jeremiah 29 Challenge – Prayer sub-tab on this website)

What an amazing year of offer to UK culture to ask herself the question : “Who are we?”

Whilst the Opening Ceremonies of both Olympic and Paralympic games were inspiring, CCM consider the closing ceremonies were deeply disappointing. The Olympic closing ceremony celebrated vacuous celebrity and pop music. The Paralympic closing ceremony was deeply occultic.

We hope you find this animated powerpoint helpful.

“GB2012 – A Jubilee, Olympic and Paralympic Legacy – a prophetic discussion”

So what have CCM concluded?

Simply that the Lord’s gracious offer to our society throughout 2012 was soundly rejected by those responsible for the Closing ceremonies of The London 2012 Games and then shortly thereafter its leaders in enacting the Redefinition of Marriage in 2013 to become law on 29 March 2014.

Following this rejection of God’s grace, the church is therefore now in a new period of “exile” from the centre of culture.

From the margin of society we believe amazing new opportunities for contemporary ministry exist.

Please go to our 7 Pillars Strategy below for more information.
A summary of CCM revelation for your consideration

And so….we arrive at today.

As set out above and when read together with our “Jeremiah 29 Challenge” and “Wilberforce : Then and Now” pages on this website, we trust you can appreciate the CCM perspective in relation to contemporary Christian ministry in 21
st Century UK culture.

In summary :

Since the 1970s the UK Church influence in culture has waned.

Opportunities since then for the Church to repent and engage again with culture have not been taken up, despite outpourings of the Holy Spirit in judgement and mercy throughout the period 1984 – the early-1990s in particular – up to 2007.

In 2008 a great shaking of UK cultural institutions began.

A time of “exile” of Christian thought and biblical worldview from UK culture is evident. The redefinition of marriage in 2013, enacted for 29 March 2014, being a final confirmation that this “exile” was in operation.

A Church on the margin of culture is a Church in the right place.

Apostolic solutions being “offered back into the UK culture” is therefore the need of the hour in contemporary Christian ministry.

Tim Vince, our CEO 2010-13 inclusive, set out this “shape” of future CCM ministry in his inaugural speech to supporters. Please refer to the Future Vision for ministry at Moggerhanger.

A theology of cultural change?

At CCM, given our commitment to dialogue and collaboration, we travel lightly with insights we have found helpful. That being said, we propose for your consideration the following ideas that we believe offer patterns in the Bible for watching the Lord achieve change in culture. Please feel free to enter into dialogue with us. We believe there is still much light to be shed by the Lord on these issues as we journey together into future collaborative work.

The “exilic motif” seems key.

We note that in the imposed Egyptian exile Joseph experienced in Genesis 37-50 he always acted to be a blessing to those in authority. He was given gifting by the Lord to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh to assist with food provision and was greatly favoured by the society he had been exiled to.

As mentioned elsewhere we at CCM believe the Babylonian exile of Israel is greatly informative in this regard. The Jeremiah prophecy recorded in Chapter 29 sets out the Lord’s strategy for His people in exile. Daniel (and his three friends) are therefore to be seen as primary followers of Jeremiah’s prophetic counsel and represent for us the model for cultural engagement. We see again the principle of blessing the leaders of the culture Daniel is exiled to. He again interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams to benefit the culture.

This Old Testament idea of God’s people helping the leaders of the culture that has exiled them must find some fulfilment the New Testament if it is to be applied with any confidence as a contemporary Christian ministry in today’s UK culture.

We believe we see this in Acts 2:17a, when, on the day of Pentecost, Peter confirms that because of the finished work of Jesus on the Cross, His Resurrection and Ascension, the Holy Spirit was FROM THEN to be poured out on ALL people. This is not to be seen as a form of “universalism”, but rather the action of God ON all people since the finished work of His Son. Do people who do not know the Lord know His Spirit is on them when it is happening? Our experience tells us that very rarely is this the case!

However, that’s the challenge of cultural engagement – that in Acts 2:17b ALL the Lord’s people are revealed as being able to prophesy, as we have the Lord IN us, so we DO know when the Holy Spirit is being poured out on someone! Through personal relationship surely, but also through hearing of their ideas, “their dreams and visions” if you will, we can help those who do not know Jesus when they have “ideas from heaven”. We can help the leaders of culture with these ideas with Godly planning and policy advice. Not just as a single Daniel and Joseph in positions of influence - but all of us who know Jesus as influencers, wherever we are called, can seek to bless in this way and seek for and pray for the culture that has exiled us to prosper.

In 1 Peter 1, we note that the early Church saw herself as “in Babylon” speaking again as an exiled people, scattered across the earth. Scholars seem in agreement that it may not just be physical Babylon but allegory for Rome that Peter speaks of at the end of his correspondence. Once more, we see the “exilic motif” for engagement with culture. Not seeking to petition the Senate of Rome to change its laws but rather offering apostolic solutions, prophetically inspired from the margin, “back in” to the culture. History tells us that the true Church eventually prevailed in seeing the very foundations of Rome shaken and the Christian worldview arising across Western Europe until relatively recently. The sad path to exile is not the end of the story but a rather a renewed opportunity to become authentic Church again – not at the centre of culture but on the margin – there for the marginalised. Seeking not to curse the culture but seeking to prosper it from the margin with Kingdom perspective and lifestyle.

With this “reason for the hope we have” we propose the CCM 7 Pillars Strategy for your consideration as one of the ways the 21
st Century UK Church “in exile” can provide apostolic solutions to fulfil the kingdom ideas from heaven that the Lord is pouring out upon the predominantly unknowing leaders and influencers in our culture today.

Let’s explore this strategy together…..

The 7 Pillars identified

Following his ground-breaking work during the late 1970s, Clifford Hill, using his twin expertise in both theology and sociology, published, in 1980, the book
“Towards the Dawn”. In this prophetic treatise, he identified the socio-cultural factors in UK society that were vital to its cultural health. CCM believe that his analysis was anointed by the Holy Spirit and is even more valid today.

He highlighted 5 pillars of socio-cultural importance then, namely :

Economy (Business)
Government (& Law)
(see pp 56-59 from “Towards the Dawn”)

In dialogue with other ministries, mainly YWAM and the ministry of Lance Wallnau and Os Hillman, who use non-sociological concepts such as “arenas”, “spheres” and “mountains”, CCM have come to recognise that it is apparent that 21
st Century UK culture is also now deeply impacted by 2 further “pillars”. These being “Media” and “Arts”.

Our distinctive in comparison to these movements, which we affirm wholeheartedly to you even so, is that they perceive a “top-down” movement for change in culture, whereas we at CCM see a “bottom-up” movement for change arising from an “exilic context” for the UK Church. Hence, CCM remain with Clifford Hill’s sociological picture of “pillars” with a firm “foundation” in Christian values as our “working model”.

At CCM we have therefore settled, presently, to identify the following 7 Pillars in UK culture :

Government – including Law, Military, Health etc..
Arts – including Sport and Entertainment

Evidence of shaking in all 7 Pillars since 2008

We believe the following short powerpoint presentation highlights evidence of the “Great Shaking” we are seeing in UK culture since 2008, across all 7 Pillars simultaneously, for your consideration as follows :
The 7 Pillars Strategy in action – not just words!

So the 7 Pillars Strategy is simply this.

CCM will help and deploy prophetically-inspired apostolic solutions into each and every Pillar of UK society simultaneously, in partnership and collaboration with others across the UK who have a particular call to one or more of the Pillars. We believe this to be contemporary Christian ministry in the 21
st Century UK Culture. We are guided by the Jeremiah 29 Challenge in terms of the “pattern” of such ministry.

Gatherings at Moggerhanger Park, as in the days of the Clapham Group, can be a “platform for shared revelation” and thinking for each Pillar across the whole of the Nation. 21
st Century “Clapham Connections” at Moggerhanger can be made in this context

From our understanding of the “exilic motif” such work may take as long as 70 years, or 3-generations. The Babylonian captivity and the Wilberforce (and Clapham Group) “reformation of manners” strategy from late-Georgian initiative to mid-Victorian deployment, were both of this length.

Be encouraged! We believe we see evidence of the Lord already moving upon our culture, that “what cannot be shaken” can arise on new foundations, as new pillars from the grass-roots of our society throughout the 7 Pillars.

If we are discerning correctly we believe this CCM “catalytic” phase of ministry delivery has just begun, so whilst we have got on with our own CCM projects at Moggerhanger, and will continue to so in future, the wider UK consultation with other ministries began in earnest from 2014 onwards.

CCM believe the 7 Pillars Strategy can play its part. This strategy is the modus operandi of CCM in its catalytic role
Stacks Image 2430
Our ethos of ministry

We will also collate new insights from other National UK ministries, as we grow closer in collaborative work.

We think this sharing of the “greater task” of seeking to encourage the Church and its engagement with the 21
st Century Culture is vital if we are to see a true catalytic movement for change.

Our commitment to share insight is central to our ethos. We believe the Holy Spirit has no copyright! So, whilst we respect the requirement of some to earn their living from professional Christian ministry and will do nothing to undermine this, we believe that unless revelation is “given away” it cannot achieve all that the Lord intends.

This “networking of revelation” is vital in the days ahead. Given our commitment to The 7 Pillars strategy we believe we see a biblical analogy for such networking that uses the Pillars of the First Temple as its paradigm. Indeed, this is the only passage that uses the word “network” in English translation of the Hebrew text.

1 Kings 7
17 A network of interwoven chains adorned the capitals on top of the pillars, seven for each capital. 

So we consider this to be a midrashic application of scripture to help us see that each Pillar of societal change should ultimately network with the six others to form a seven-fold commitment to see each of the “7 Pillars” supported by ministries and initiatives in all the other Pillars – truly a catalyst for a movement of change!

Projects and Consultation

We are presently delivering projects and partnering with others, as set out in our 7 Pillar “sub-tabs” on this website. We trust this shows our “skin in the game” and that you will want to consider using Moggerhanger Park to help you gather people called to the same field of endeavour as yourselves.

We are looking to begin a conversation with
The Jubilee Centre, being reasonably local to Moggerhanger, based in Cambridge, as their 30-year history of scholarly research into how the Bible can be applied to UK societal Reform offers a strong biblical foundation for seeing the Christian worldview return back into culture in the days ahead.

We are also encouraged by Dr Peter Carruthers, a consultant to Issachar Ministries, who is undertaking a similar path towards consultation with Issachar during 2014. There has already been a gathering in London on 05 December 2013 to consider how “The Legacy of Slavery” is still impacting culture. Les Isaac of Ascension Trust who was chairing the consultation, has partnered with CCM on Street and School Pastors and the Revelation TV series “Hope for Our Times” (see the programme at our Jeremiah 29 Challenge – “Prosperity” sub-tab on this website). Given our interest in this “Clapham Connection” we will track these consultations and seek to be of assistance and collaborate where possible.

Please listen to Peter speaking on the recent “Understanding the Times” Complimentary Copy CD of this Winter 2013 / 14 from Issachar Ministries, where he explains the consultations coming up.
The CCM “Big Picture”?

As we look ahead, we wonder if the destiny in God for the British Isles is linked strongly to her past. Acts 17:26 would seem to indicate the Lord places those who live in the nations are exact places and times he determines by His sovereign will. So as we work collaboratively we have sought to answer the question “What then of the Big Picture?”

Should the Lord tarry, from 2014 onwards, we anticipate approximately 70 years of exile for the Church in UK culture, with an increasing impact through Kingdom Initiatives growing over that time upon the centre of UK culture from its margin.
We anticipate “pockets of revival” in specific locations and for specific purposes, particularly among the poor and marginalised, during this time.

Some of the Lord’s people will be anointed by the Holy Spirit to have great favour and influence in the Nation, as Daniel did in Babylon, in this time of exile from the centre of UK culture. We should commit to help them and pray for them as they receive solutions from Our Heavenly Father when interpreting the dreams of the leaders of our culture – obviously only when we discern such dreams are God-given by the gift of prophecy, properly weighed and tested over time by the Church in the UK, as a whole.

CCM consider the 7 Pillars Strategy will be only one of many such strategies employed to increase the influence of the kingdom in UK culture during this time. In this way, and many others, the people of God can work to prosper the UK culture.

The Church in the UK – and the values of the Kingdom of God and of His Son - will one day return from exile - by invitation of the authorities, as it was for Israel in the time of Cyrus the Great. At such time, we anticipate a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The British Isles and the relationships of the developed Commonwealth will then play their part in bringing the gospel to the ends of the earth, as will other nations in collaboration.

To this end we pray for a full reconciliation between
the Republic of Ireland and the UK in due time, as an example to other nations.

The following short animated powerpoint presentation “sketches out” the history of our Islands and their possible future destiny in God - for your consideration.

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CCM commitment to keep pursuing prophetic insight as it is shared

As will be clear from this website and the history of CCM to date, we take the gift of prophecy very seriously. We believe it can only be interpreted soundly in accordance with the guidance set out in scripture. All revelation must be weighed and tested in accordance with the canon of Holy Scripture. This is the task of the Church, which corporately is “Prophet” to the Nation. Individually gifted prophetic ministries help the Church in her task as Prophet, so we can prophesy as one voice, wherever possible.

CCM therefore only ever offers prophetic insight for consideration
by the Church. Whilst we will work ourselves, in the light of the insights we hear from others and within our own relational ministries, we do not believe we are always right - but simply moving forward in faith that more will be revealed as we are obedient to that we have been shown.

Please refer to the following recent examples of our commitment in this regard.

We at CCM were given opportunity to minister together on certain Revelation TV programmes at the head of both 2011 and 2012.

Looking forward into 2011 – Revelation TV “Live at Nine” prophetic discussion : Danny Stupple, Tim Vince and Clifford Hill.

Looking forward into 2012 – Revelation TV “Live at Nine” prophetic discussion : Danny Stupple, Tim Vince and Clifford Hill

We would also commend the insights of Christen Forster, who ministers as part of
Supranatural Life ministries as he has helped us see the “change in thinking” necessary to understand the new exilic position the Church finds herself in.

Christen Forster – A New Perspective – April 2013

We will continue to offer such ideas out as they arise among us - and those we are listening to - and working with, for your prayerful consideration.

The invitation

If you are inspired by the CCM vision and The 7 Pillar Strategy, why not join us at the beginning of this exciting journey.