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Moggerhanger Chapel Fellowship

At Moggerhanger CCM believe the Lord has asked us to keep Him central to all we do, as He has been so faithful in all His promises to CCM, to which we trust this website gives testimony.

The Chapel Fellowship is therefore our legal entity, set up by Harvest Vision, as a place of worship at the centre of the House. Our weekly Thursday morning prayer meetings are led by our two Chaplains. Gillian Orpin and Derek Moore-Crispin.

Come and worship with us whenever you would like by just making Contact at our Contact page.
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Derek and Scilla Moore-Crispin

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Gillian Orpin

Moggerhanger Millennials
Moggerhanger Millennials - The Inaugural Conference 14-15.09.11

Wolgang Simson - "How to change the World"

Peter Farmer - "Mending Broken Britain"

Multi-Ethnic UK Church
CCM have been tracking with key BMC leaders since 2008 and this interview between Jonathan Oloyede and Yemi Adedeji looks at the CCM distinctive in seeking to bring together Multi-Etnic Church in the UK.

Empire Windrush – 22 June 1948 arrives in Tilbury Docks
The answer to judgement on the British Empire because of her behaviour towards Israel in 1948. His Mercy triumphs over His judgement in bringing the Commonwealth to these Islands for its spiritual regeneration today

Yemi and Jonathan speaking at CRE

"Festival of Life October 2010 - Danny Stupple speaking" (Longer version)

Ade Omooba - Black Church in White Space

Empire Windrush – 22 June 1948 arrives in Tilbury Docks

Manifest Presence
CCM believe that there is always a great danger of being “purpose-driven” for the Lord but not “presence-shaped” by Him. Here at Moggerhanger we believe passionately that both truths need to meet.

Therefore you will find two expressions of “presence-shaped” gatherings that meet monthly at the Park.

Please refer to
His Fragrance for details. The Glory Gatherings occur on the last Friday of every month and there are normally 2 annual Conferences in April and October.

Our interview with Michele Grandfield, who heads up His Fragrance will give you a flavour of the movement.

What is The Filling Station?

The Filling Station is a contemporary vehicle for bringing Christian renewal and evangelism to the UK.
Our Biblical mandate is from Psalm 114: 8 ‘Who turned the rock into a pool, the hard rock into springs of water.’ We see the ‘pools’ described here as places of deep spiritual refreshment for the existing church bringing water into the hard dry areas. The ‘hard rock into springs’ represents the new spiritual life that occurs through evangelism.

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Hebrew Roots theology

Voice of Judah Israel

Following the 2012 and 2013 Alight at The Park events
Israel Pochtar has become a good friend to CCM and Moggerhanger (see videos above at Alight)..

The CCM partnership with VoJ is only the beginning. It is hoped that Alight will become a Forum for connecting UK ministries that love Israel and for Israel Pochtar and his colleagues in the Land to be our authentic partners in UK networking.


Pardes Teaching Days, was one of the main ministries of the Pardes branch of PWM from the mid-1980s (see CCM tab under Moggerhanger Miracle) and took its name from its initial location (Pardes is the Hebraic word for The Park – a planting of the Lord rather than a planting of man).
When PWM closed down Pardes relocated to the South of England with Dave Hilsley, the then Director. Teaching days were reopened at Moggerhanger Park at the request of the current leaders and local people and have been held there on the 3rd Saturday in most months since 2010.


The days, which start at 10.30am and finish around 3.30pm, usually consist of three one-hour teaching sessions with time for comments and questions. Teaching notes are often supplied. Time is also spent in worship, and prayer

Programme for 2014

February 18th Bob Hunt – one of our CCM Trustees will be speaking on “The Message of Haggai - arguably the most successful prophet in Scripture”!
March 17th Jacob Vince, brother to Tim Vince, our previous CCM CEO, will be speaking on : “Israel - The Land, Nation and the People”
April 21st Passover meal led by Richard Harvey of Jews for Jesus.
May 19th David Hilsley: “Shepherds in our Biblical Heritage”.
June 16th Gerald Gotzen: “Ethiopia and the special connection with the Bible and Israel”.
October 20th Fred Wright – speaker at Alight at The Park 2013, will be speaking on: “Faith after Auschwitz”? along the same lines as his excellent teaching at Alight at The Park 2013 – see above at Alight in the Park 2013)
November 17th David Noakes: “The Relationship between Israel and the Church”.

Please refer primarily to the
Issachar website to confirm attendance at Pardes.

Legitimisation of the modern Israeli State

We rely upon the sterling work of Judy Littler-Manners, a personal friend of Tim Vince, our previous CEO 2010-2013, for this vital link to an amazing ministry, seeking to establish with clarity of the legitimate right of Israel to the land, under international law. We strongly recommend
ECI for your consideration.

In particular, we believe The San Remo Resolution of 1920 – as per the recent ECI Brussels Report – June 2012 is vital in understanding the issues surrounding Isreali statehood – for more information on the CCM position on this important subject please refer to “Give Peace a Chance”
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Alight at The Park
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CCM seek to assist the UK Church to re-find the Clapham Group love for Israel in the purposes of God. The revelation of the “One New Man” in Christ, for both Jew and Gentile is a key revelation for CCM and this is the thrust of the purpose for gathering. CCM partner with One Life Ministries and Force5 in delivering this event.

Following the inaugural event that was held on 06 October 2012, Alight at The Park is now an annual Conference that had its national launch at the 2013 event.

The Day of Prayer for Jerusalem always falls on the first Saturday in October, so Alight at the Park 2014 is set for 03-05 (Yom Kippur) and 10-12 (Sukkot) October 2014.

If you would like a flavour of this event please refer to the videos from the 2013 below. Why not join us in 2014?

Interviews and teaching from Alight at The Park 04-06.10.13

Introduction to the Hebrew Roots Theology Vision of CCM and Welcome to the Conference - by Danny Stupple

Prayer of blessing and welcome for Israel Pochtar and Jamil Wahab - by Clifford Hill and Anthony Malpas

Opening Shabbat celebration

Key note address from Israel Pochtar

Pastor Israel Pochtar - Founder of Voice of Judah Israel in Ashdod, Israel
Together with Pastor Jamil Wahab – The Fountain of Healing Church in Israel – Jew and Arab as One New Man in Christ.
Speaking on the miracle of the work of reconciliation in present Israel

Robin Benson of CFI brought a message that reinforced the Lord's intent towards Jerusalem - "Zion, the City that God loves!"

Fred Wright - The inter-Jewish debate in Jesus' time as a template for explaining the nature of the John's Gospel narrative

Colin Urquhart at Alight at The Park

Cathy Nobles of Reconciliation Walk

Reconciliation in Action

Pastor Israel Pochtar & Pastor Jamil Wahab

Robin Benson

Fred Wright

Opening Shabbat celebration

Potential events in 2014 at which CCM will seek to partner
Partnering with Hope

Our CCM Trustee, Yemi Adedeji, serves on the Board of HOPE Together 2014 and through his connection we at CCM are committed to spreading the HOPE message through all our contacts throughout 2014.

Moving on from HOPE 2008

Roy Crowne shares HOPE 2014 with CCM

Yemi Adedeji
Associate Director of HOPE

Yemi Adedeji and the official Launch of Hope

Blessing Israel

At CCM we seek to generally bless Israel by tracking items of interest that may help others to do so too.

CMJ – The 200-year connection

Please refer to the
Wikipedia reference to note the original Clapham Group initiating the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews in 1809. In 1813, under the Society’s oversight, 200 years before 2013, a Hebrew-Christian congregation called Benei Abraham (Children of Abraham) started meeting at the chapel in Palestine Place. This was the first recorded assembly of Jewish believers in Jesus and the forerunner of today’s Messianic Jewish congregations. CCM consider this to be a privileged :Clapham Connection” at Moggerhanger.

CMJ website CCM are in dialogue with Paul Hames of CMJ in seeking to more formally recognise this partnership in ministry, as a 21st Century Clapham Connection”.
New expressions of “exilic Church” in mission
Costa Church!

CCM partner with Johnny Kinch of
Sunday Night Live. Refer to the “Hope for our Times” Revelation TV interview conducted by one of our Trustees, Danny Stupple and a local expression in the Eastleigh region.

2 years later and the Eastleigh region SNL is still going strong!

Mission Britain

CCM partner with Pete Farmer We consider
Mission Britain is one of the most contemporary expressions of church movement in the UK, with a true missional heart. Pete is featured elsewhere on this website and was a keynote speaker at our Moggerhanger Millennials Conference on 14-15 September 2011.
The Rise of Regional Church?

CCM is committed to seeing Regional Church arise in the UK! There are encouraging signs that this is becoming more and more the case, as the Lord reveals His intent for regional Church to impact UK culture.

The Revelation TV programme “Hope for our Times” with Roger Sutton (Gather) and Tim Harrold (Transformation Thurrock) was presented by one of our CCM Trustees, Danny Stupple. Please also refer to
The Gather Movement.

During the same series CCM also presented a tentative theology for regional church building – “The Zion Template” with Revd Ian Fletcher

“On the ground” templates CCM have been working with are to be found at :
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Engaging with religion in culture

CCM want to engender a grace-filled environment to discuss the issues raised by Rob Bell and for this reason recommend the following video on Same-Sex attraction, so that it can be compared with what Rob is saying and what others from the gay community are saying.