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CCM on Government in Parliament Square

Resident Moggerhanger ministries

As part of “The Moggerhanger Family” at The Park, CCM supports firstly and foremost the initiatives being undertaken by ministries resident at The Park.


The ongoing relationship with Government FMI has is primarily through funding but also through commissioning of
Reports and Research

2 Reports we would highly recommend are :

“More than Sundays” and “Do Grandparents matter”
Independence in politics – hyper localism

CCM believe they must commit to offer an alternative political agenda if they are to engage fully with culture. CCM have fully supported one of their Trustees,
Danny Stupple, based in Eastleigh, Hampshire, with the recent campaign he undertook as an Independent in the Eastleigh By-Election of February 2013.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website we believe the Redefinition of Marriage was a red line over which UK culture has now crossed, effectively exiling the Church from the public square.

It also represents the ultimate example of breakdown in the democratic process.

No Party Manifesto contained any commitment to redefinition of marriage. Indeed, Mr Cameron expressly promised in February 2010 that the Conservatives would not pursue redefinition.

No mention of redefinition was mentioned in the Coalition Agreement.
By the time of the Eastleigh By-Election 641,000 people has signed the C4M petition asking for marriage to not be redefined, which was effectively ignored by the Coalition throughout the “consultation” of 2012.

The Conservative Part in Parliament could not carry a majority vote on new legislation.

Where therefore did the people ever have any say in the move towards redefinition of marriage? The answer is clearly NOWHERE.

Whilst this was the ultimate example of democratic breakdown it simply confirmed what many already believed and that is that the Westminster “Bubble” of Party politics is not in the National Interest.

The rise of UKIP in the Eastleigh By-Election was also symptomatic of apathy towards the other parties.

Therefore it seems a non-Party approach, forming a movement of “participative” democracy in lieu of a broken “representative” democratic process is called for in the days ahead. The placing of “Local Issues on the National Stage” by Independent MPs with a clear “Hyper-Local” agenda, and love for their local region, that could then template ideas together across the Country over the next 50 or so years, is one-way forward that CCM support.

Danny plans to stand again in May 2015, so we will keep you informed as this movement in Eastleigh gains traction.

Please refer to the website that records the Campaign.
for the
Flyers used at the outset and the developing website that was used as the campaign developed.

Throughout the Campaign in Eastleigh, Simon Copley from Rotherham encouraged Danny on many occasions. He had stood as an Independent himself in the earlier Rotherham By-Election of November 2012, as the previous MP was embroiled in the expenses scandal - and again his campaign is highlighted below.
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Rotherham respect party

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Candidate Hits out at the BBC

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Christian Candidate

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Simon Copley

The First Big Society: Eighteenth-Century Britain's Age of Benevolence

CCM believe the Big Society idea of the Conservative Party manifesto of 2010 is an "idea from heaven" that has yet to be realised. CCM's conviction is the voluntary and civic elements of society cannot be fully released "top-down" but rather "bottom-up". This article tracking the preceding decades of evangelical and protestant reformed thinkers and philanthropists, prior to being picked-up and run with by The Clapham Group, is
included her for your interest.

Jonathan Friedland also considered the political problem of the
“working poor” in Georgian times and compared the situation today in his programme for Radio 4 “The Long View” on 21 January 2014 which considered the “Speenhamland Project” of 1785 onwards. CCM consider there are some excellent insights here.

This movement is being recognised more and more and CCM wish to be at the "cutting-edge" of the movement by engaging with the Nesta Think-Tank. These recent articles may be of interest to you as you "track" this movement with us.

Crowd-Sourced Independent Politics

The rise of “extreme volunteering”

Social Innovation goes City-wide
Social Impact investment – Bonds and Beyond!

By getting 1.4% of the vote this meant Danny could be on all hustings with the main parties in the 2015 Election.   
Tracking the key CCM “Clapham Connection” with Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

As set out at our “Clapham Connections – Justice sub-tab” elsewhere on this website CCM are committed to helping wherever possible in ensuring robust legislation is put before Parliament to seek to eradicate modern day slavery and human-traficking.

We will track developments and seek your support whenever possible.

Working to help
The Modern Slavery Bill
Tracking political discourse

As part of the prophetic task CCM will seek to, on occasion, to start blog lines and Facebook chat by engaging with political conversations in culture.

We would recommend the following “Think Tanks” for your consideration :



Interesting videos for your interest are included here :

Baroness Cox on “Sharia Courts at in England & Wales?”

Ian Paisley – example of conviction politics?

The Russell Brand call for political revolution?

“Russell Brand – A New Political Revolution or anarchist?”
(Caution – strong language used again by Russell Brand) being a fuller debate with Mehdi Hassan of Huffington Post December 2013)

Russell Brand discussing his viewpoint on drug use, the Yew Tree investigations following the Saville case and his spiritual motivation.

As CCM look to engage politically with UK culture his viewpoint on some of the issues he has bought out into public discourse seem to be igniting young people's interest in political issues. What do you think? Please let us know.

Let us know your thoughts…..