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By use of the installed signage in accordance with the Interpretation Plan (see Grounds within Moggerhanger Miracle section of this website) it will be possible to educate all visitors to The Park throughout the Grounds, as to the Thornton Family, and from this “Clapham Connections” can be masde.

A permanent Slavery Exhibition

As you visit Moggerhanger you will see the Exhibition on history of the Park, the Thornton family and the abolition movement. This is our 24-7commitment to educate all who visit us as to our history and the CCM “Clapham Connection”.

In particular, following the original educational grant for the Slavery Exhibition, it toured Bedford schools throughout 2011and 2012. It is presently stored and ready to be located permanently, in partnership with MHPT, in the soon to completed refurbished Tudor Cottage outwith the Wallled Gardens. With this permanent site at The Park the exhibition will then be “marketed” to local schools and colleges for educational visits and use with the Education Resource Centre at The Woodland Café!
The CCM Library

In partnership with Harvest Vision the CCM library retains books that may be of interest relating to the CCM story to date and relevant works around the Moggerhanger Family ministries.

It is planned that the Library will be relocated to the Basement Bar and Sitting Room in the House.

Work with local Schools and Churches

We have provisionally booked a Scripture Union
“Lifepath” on “The Thornton Family, The Clapham Group and William Wilberforce” – The 2 week booking is set for 02-05 and 09-12.06.14
European Leadership Forum

At the 2013
European Leadership Forum in Poland, Highway Solutions partnered with CCM and provided media recording facilities (see latest CCM Newsletter on Home page) These excellent materials will be available to upload early in 2014.

Following the relational work by Tim Vince, our previous CEO, and more recently Danny Stupple, one of our Trustees, CCM are seeking to work more closely with the ELF – In particular, given their locational proximity to Moggerhanger, the Cambridge Scholars and Leaders Networks - see http://www.euroleadership.org/csn and http://www.euroleadership.org/CLN
Tracking movements in Education Reform

As part of the prophetic task, CCM will seek to, on occasion, to start blog lines and Facebook chat by engaging with educational conversations in culture.

Upcoming areas of interest are :

A Possible Forum on Educational Reform in State Education

Following a consultation under the Chairmanship of Dr Robert Rowe, a Trustee of Harvest Vision at Moggerhanger Park on 01 October 2012 the role of education at The Park was considered.

CCM consider they can offer “kingdom perspectives” on education that would not normally be covered by any other organisations.

It is proposed to hold such a Forum in the first quarter of 2014 on the following subject :
Social and Cultural Transformation
Educational Reform and the ‘Prophetic Symmetry’ with the Clapham Group

Reform of the UK Education System

There is a growing discontent with yet more changes to the current English Education system and a number of different educational groups are collaborating to develop and propose new models of education, which can be presented to the Government before the next General Election in 2015.

Some of the ideas being brought to the “Table” include those set out in the
“Continuing the Dialogue” paper here.

We will keep you informed when details of this Forum are finalised.

Revelation University


Dr Derek Moore-Crispin, one of our CCM Chaplains, has a vision for a
“university” faculty at The Park.
We are travelling wit this idea at CCM and will keep you appraised as matters develop.

Digital Resources

CCM are working with Harvest Vision to create a “Downloadable Pack” graduate-level resource – Dr Robert Rowe and Professor John Wolfe are our consultants on this matter

Again, we are travelling wit this idea at CCM and will keep you appraised as matters develop
1914-18 : 2014-18 Centenary Commemorations

In 1914 Moggerhanger House was opened as a TB isolation hospital. Wings were added to the main house and wards erected in the grounds, one of which survives, relocated , as the Woodland Cafe.

In the late 1950s the house then became an orthopedic hospital, renamed Park Hospital in 1960.  

Park Hospital closed in 1987 when a new wing was built in Bedford Hospital.

The 1914 founding of Moggerhanger House as a Hospital, is to be commemorated on the weekend of 02-03 August 2014 and together with the
National Commemorations of the commencement of the Great War is hoped to be a community-educational event on both fronts.

One of our CCM partners Act4 – see will also be helping us deliver this event. As the Government intends to use the whole 4-year period 2014-18 to mark key battles and ultimately the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, we will see how this event goes and consider ongoing educational opportunities.

More details to follow.
Education at Home Farm

CCM have been able to “franchise” the ministry delivery at Home Farm through deploying “Kingdom Companies” to undertake ministry and service.
Emmaus Roadshow & Flood Geology Museum

Pending planning permission the permanent siting of the Emmaus Roadshow at Home Farm is anticipated to be in place by the end of 2014. This educational resource for local and regional Schools and Churches is planned to become a key offer into the National RE curriculum and syllabus. CCM anticipate Force5 will run this initiative.

How the Roadshow works

Locating permanently –
“The Moggerhanger Field”

CCM believe the evolution / creationist debate is vital if culture is to be engaged educationally.

CCM’s position is that all orthodox viewpoints on this massive subject are welcomed for engagement at Moggerhanger.

At Home Farm we are planning, in partnership with
Biblical Creation Ministries, to construct and fit-out a Flood Geology Museum.

Dr Paul Gardner is working closely, with our CCM Chaplain, Dr Derek Moore-Crispin on this initiative, which forms part of the Revelation University vision highlighted above.

“Les Hackleton interview with Rex Careless - The Plan for Emmaus Roadshow permanent installation at Moggerhanger”

Possible Partnership with Biblical Creation Ministries