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If we are to impact culture with media it is the content that will make the difference – but it must be communicated effectively and with a level of sophistication that the emerging generation expect from anyone who has a message to communicate. From the outset we would recommend the following videos for your interest.

CCM on Media

“John Sentamu – a great example as to how to communicate to 21st Century UK culture through media” – The One Show

Ready to broadcast from Moggerhanger

Broadband installation to The House, Grounds, Farm and Ministry Offices will be undertaken during the early part of 2014.

The upload capability will be 10MB with upgrade to 100MB.

FMI will be the immediate beneficiaries in the Moggerhanger Family and so they, together with Harvest Vision have taken responsibility for bringing the installation in. FMI are now becoming more and more an internet-based ministry and so this will help them greatly and mean that they can stay resident at Moggerhanger.

CCM wish to record their thanks to Tim Vince, former CEO of CCM 2010-13, for his foresight in arranging for the laying of the conduit / ducting from the Farm to the House and Ministry offices in late 2011. Together with the actual installation work being undertaken by the Home Farm Team at the time, this means that the bringing of broadband to Moggerhanger has been a truly “whole family” affair!

This broadband installation will permit very fast uploading and downloading of HD TV video content and mean that Moggerhanger can be “broadcast TV ready”.

CCM see this as fulfilment of a 1995 Prophecy as follows :

‘My children, you will be much bigger than a relay station. You will be a transmitter! You will be a voice in this nation and not an echo. My children, you have seen my handiwork at firsthand and I have built your faith on the journey.
Remember in the future what I can do, and what I will accomplish, and do not allow yourselves to be daunted by what is in hand or by what is in the future.
"The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of this temple; his hands will also complete it.
" (Zechariah 4.9)’

“Not just a relay station” – CCM will be able to broadcast
directly from Moggerhanger.

“Voice not an echo” – CCM believe that their commitment to collaboration and partnership with others and the collation of joint revelation will mean that CCM can represent the One Voice of the Church as prophet to the Nation, where many can use its broadcast facilities for their ministry as well.

CCM believe this will facilitate a movement for godly change as communication by TV and Internet media is vital for a contemporary Christian ministry in 21
st Century UK culture to use when communicating the ideas of the Kingdom.
Studio at Home Farm Barns

A TV (and Music) studio is planned for the refurbished Main Barn – see Plan for Home Farm at Farm page in the Moggerhanger Miracle section of this website.
Partnership with Revelation TV

CCM wish to retain their close relationship with Tim Vince, now that he is at Revelation TV and therefore track Rev TV as a partner and would recommend them to you as per the “button” below.

Danny Stupple, one of our CCM Trustees, is working with Tim Vince and Highway Solutions in 2014 to produce a 3-part documentary series – “The Contemporary Scene”

Church in Exile
The Daniel Factor
Ideas from heaven

More on these as they are completed.
Contemporary TV as a resource

We have compiled approximately 400 video items as part of Contemporary TV, the dedicated CCM Vimeo video library, and would recommend the button below for your interest. All the videos on this website have been drawn from this “pool”.

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