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CCM on The Arts

CCM on The Arts in the West End

Worship and Music studio at Home Farm

It is planned that CCM will commission the refurbishment of the Main Barn at Home Farm as a music (and TV) recording and production studio facility.

This will be used to help supplement music technology in state school partnerships.

It will also be used as a place of musical worship excellence, particularly in assisting the younger generation in “fanning into flame” their gifting.

CCM Partnership

CCM want to act as a platform for any expression of the arts that seeks to bring an emphasis upon purity and beauty.

CCM are in partnership with Tim Harrold through Transformation Thurrock (see the Religion sub-tab in 7 Pillars section of this website) and are particularly interested in the way they are impacting the
Thurrock Arts Group

Hope Animation is a collaborative project of Christian animators, programmers and designers who want to spread the message and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible through the use of new media, digital arts, computer games and animation. We came into contact with Hope Animation through our partnership with Revelation TV and, in particular, Tim Vince, our previous CCM CEO 2010-13. CCM would like to work with Hope and will be exploring this in 2014 - check out
Artistic cultural engagement

CCM discern that the principle of Holy Spirit upon people as per Acts 2:17a is sometimes more evident in the Arts than anywhere else. We therefore commit to sharing prophetic insights, as we see them, in mainstream media for your interest.

Recent examples would include :

Re-finding the meta-narrative – the story of redemption and its universal appeal

Hollywood films

Man of Steel movie as allegory of the Gospel? Mark Driscoll and “Man of Steel Tralier and Superbook Mash-up”
Mainstream music and movie scene

In this section of the CCM website, we think it is also good to hear from Christian voices in the Arts. 
Here is a great
interview with Cliff Richard

What do you think? Let us know and join us in the search for the Holy Spirit ON all people in our culture – whether they know it or not! (Acts 2:17a)

As the ones with Him IO us - Lets prophesy! (Acts 2:17b)
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A recommended resource - Damaris

Holy Spirit on David Bowie?

Gary Barlow?

One EskimO?

Emeli Sande?

Gay Dad?