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Understanding the spiritual significance of the history of Moggerhanger

Having considered the Moggerhanger Miracle and Jeremiah 29 Challenge earlier in this website, CCM now introduce you to the distinctive aspect of our call to contemporary Christian ministry.

We consider the historical fact that Moggerhanger was the Thornton Family home and that the Clapham Group, including William Wilberforce, would have been present on occasion here, during the late 1700s and early 1800s is an inspiration to us.

Our Founder Clifford Hill explains the historical Clapham Group “Wilberforce Connection” in this interview on the DVD “The Destiny of Britain”.
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Dr. Clifford Hill on William Wilberforce and the Clapham Group

We believe we discern that the Lord’s intent in enabling House, Grounds and Farm to be brought together again, 200 years later, was to provide a “platform” for once more “connecting” contemporary ministry to the model of ministry delivery used by the Clapham Group in late Georgian Britain.

A 200-year Prophetic Symmetry?

From 1720
The South Sea Bubble caused widespread effects, which turned the financial world upside-down for up to 50 years later . In 2008, what was originally termed the Credit Crunch, soon became a worldwide financial crisis and a complete financial re-configuration process began.

By the 1830s the 53
Rotten Boroughs had reached corruption levels that were a scandal. Throughout 2009 /10 an expenses scandal rocked Parliament.

Gin was ruining the population in the urban areas during late Georgian England as evidenced by Hogarth’s paintings of the time. Binge drinking and dysfunctional family breakdown have again reached endemic proportions, requiring state funding of up to £44 Billion per annum.

1783 an ash cloud, following an Icelandic eruption at Laki, killed upwards of 8000 British citizens that summer. In 2010, an ash cloud erupted from Iceland that grounded air flights across the UK and Northern Europe, just as the 3 party leaders were televising their Manifestos and debating Live for the first time in history.

At CCM we believe there is a “prophetic symmetry” to these events and therefore by referring back to the late Georgian period we can see both ”continuity” and “discontinuity” with our present day. The Clapham Group solutions worked then. Can they work today?

It is worth considering the impact Wilberforce and the Clapham Group had deep into the Victorian era, as this
Article from Lyndon Bowring of CARE gives testimony to. Let’s believe for the same impact if we seek to do likewise!

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