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Danny Stupple at The Gilt of Cain monument, Fen Court, London - Banking and The Thornton Family

Danny Stupple at The Gilt of Cain monument, Fen Court, London – Making Clapham Connections!

Danny Stupple at The Gilt of Cain monument, Fen Court, London - Repentance in the City of London?

History and Prophecy - The Yesterday and Today

Over the years CCM at Moggerhanger have sought to make connection between its history with William Wilberforce through his friendship in The Clapham Group, - especially with the Thornton family - and apply those connections into 21
st Century UK Church and culture.

During late 2006 and most of 2007 CCM initiated and ran the “Free at Last” project nationally to make this connection real around the 200
th Anniversary Commemorations of the abolition of the transatlantic slavery.

Please refer to our website of that time to see how
“The Spirit of Wilberforce” was used to make this national connection.

CCM then convened a consultation on 11/12 April 2011, entitled
“Wilberforce : Yesterday and Today”, the reporting of which is recorded here.

The desire to connect with Rights / Freedoms / Justice / Injustice / Family and Environment led to a final decision shortly thereafter to emphasise the four main connections, as we saw them, following the consultation.

Abortion Justice Debt Environment

Danny Stupple, one of our CCM Trustees, and some colleagues from the Eastleigh Region joined him at the National Prayer Breakfast on 19 June 2007. This event sought to pray for a connection with the Clapham Group for 21st Century solution-provision. The following interview captures the significance of the day for your interest.

“Wilberforce : Yesterday and Today”

National Prayer Breakfast on 19 June 2007