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In following the example of the Clapham Group with transatlantic slavery in their day we believe at CCM that transparency as to facts must always be presented to the people concerning the matter of abortion. You may remember from the 2007 Walden Media film “Amazing Grace” how William Wilberforce confronted the genteel late Georgian society elite with the smell and horrors of the facts of transatlantic slavery.

Approximately 600 abortions take place daily in the UK. Abort 67 are an organisation that we support through our connection with Andrea Williams at Christian Concern. We are also in partnership with Wilfred Wong at SPUC Evangelicals.

Locally, we are linked with The Lilies in the Eastleigh area. We believe Care Confidential does more than any other national ministry in this arena to express love and care to
both babe and mother in the present UK context

At CCM we wonder if seeking to eradicate abortion is the equivalent “big cause” that the abolitionists of the 18
th Century would champion today, as being nearest to their desire in seeking eradication of transatlantic slavery in their day.

The present position regarding abortion is best represented by the recent debate in October 2012 as to time limitation.
Please continue to refer to the websites below to track this 21st Century “Clapham Connection” but whilst recommending the Abort 67 website we would warn that there are images there that may offend.

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Abort 67

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