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At CCM we are committed to praying for the Police and Judiciary in our nation, as they have to deal, at the front end, with implementation of laws that impact upon issues of Justice. We hope our introductory video is helpful as you join us in prayer for the Police and our Judiciary.

We consider both Christian Concern and The Christian Institute best represent the Christian perspective on unfolding legislation and its impact on believers and general trends in society. They monitor, weekly, the drift away from biblical norms of justice and freedom of conscience in UK society and we would therefore recommend them as resources for your prayer and support. We particularly recommend their websites for your interest and ongoing “tracking” as we seek to make a 21
st Century Clapham Connection” in this arena.

Andrea Williams – Christian Concern – spoke of the need for Justice very powerfully throughout 2009 / 10 in regard to freedom of conscience in public discourse – especially for the Christian viewpoint to be heard with the “Not Ashamed” initiative. CCM were at the Launch of this initiative at Emmanuel Centre and Andrea spoke to explain the need for Justice in this arena.    


Andrea Williams – Christian Concern

CCM - reporting outside New Scotland Yard

At CCM we again wonder, as with eradication of abortion, if seeking to eradicate Human Trafficking is another equivalent “big cause” that the abolitionists of the 18th Century would champion today, as being nearest to their desire in seeking eradication of transatlantic slavery in their day.

We therefore refer you to the Voice for Justice,
Stop the Traffik and Hope for Justice websites below to track this 21st Century “Clapham Connection”.

A recent article in IDEA, the EA magazine, introduced their
“track” on this key issue.
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Christian Concern

Christian Institute

Hope for Justice

Voice for Justice