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This “Clapham Connection” resonates with the Thornton family who lived at Moggerhanger 200 years ago.

Banking was central to the family life given Godfrey Thornton was Governor of the Bank of England. CCM are therefore tacking the developments in banking following the Credit Crunch of 2008. Archbishop Welby has been very helpful in bringing to the attention of the City of London that originally “banking was good” when initiated by men of principle and Christian faith in the late 18
th Century. The St Paul’s Debate on Good Banking in 2013 was very helpful in this regard.

In this regard, recent moves to re-ignite
William & Glynns Bank as a Consortium led Bank, trading ethically, is of great interest. (Excuse the pun!)

CCM pray that such initiatives will rekindle the Clapham Connection of “good banking” which will lower debt burden over time.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP), Credit Unions, Money Saving and The Money Charity (formerly Credit Acion) are all recommended resources to assist anyone dealing with debt. The short-cut to helpful websites are highlighted below

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Credit Union

Credit Action

Money Saving