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Prophetic voices

In arriving at the conviction CCM have, regarding the present “exile” of the Christian worldview in UK culture, they have “weighed and tested” a number of prophetic voices, which we offer now for your consideration.

We will keep this “listening process” going and update the site as more revelation is given for our consideration….

13 February 2013 - Stuart Bell – Leader of Ground Level – his encouragement to the Message ministry in urban Manchester and beyond, to act like Daniel and his fellow believers in the Babylonian exile and live lives “10 times better” than the other advisors to leaders of culture, was very timely. Check out the audio of his exhortation
“10 times better in an alien culture”

29 July 2013 - Justin Welby – Archbishop of Canterbury since April 2013 – his perception for the need for new religious communities to be formed and then impacting UK society from the margin is very helpful. Check out an excerpt of his address at the New Wine Christian Conference below

“Religious communities on the margin of UK culture”

Justin then prophesied further at the HOPE Together 2014 gathering of church leaders at Lambeth Palace on 01 December 2013, when he offered his understanding of the Church in the UK “50 years from 2013”, having returned from a period of exile by working together in Mission from 2013 onwards. Watch and listen to his insights in the video clip below.

January / February 2014 - Patrick Sookhdeo of Barnabas Fund published an article entitled
“Living in Babylon” expositing 1 Peter 1, which again helps us understand the use of “Babylon” as a form of theological “shorthand” for Rome and enabling us to see that the early Church saw itself in exile from Roman culture – but how powerful she was! His application of present persecution of Christians around the world is a salutary reminder of what our present UK context may become.

On this note CCM are following with interest the increase in profile given to news of Christian persecution around the world and hope that this will alert the UK authorities to discrimination against believers here. Prince Charles' recent statements were encouraging.

“The Church of 2063”

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali speaks about post Christian age

"Religious communities on the margin of UK culture”