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This aspect of the Jeremiah 29 Challenge is that of building homes and settling down.

Psalm 68:6a states “God sets the lonely in families”….

Moggerhanger as a place of Refuge

Here at Moggerhanger, CCM hope, in due time, to be, in part, a refuge for persecuted believers and a “safe-house” for vulnerable people caught in human trafficking. We consider our historical connection to the Clapham Group and their heart-concern for any caught in “slavery” or any form of persecution, is a prophetic imperative. As you will understand, we cannot make this aspect of our work public knowledge.

Please refer to our commitment to work with other national organisations at our Clapham Connections – “Justice” tab on this website.

However, CCM consider this aspect of the Jeremiah 29 Challenge goes further and we would recommend the following other national initiatives we seek to partner with :
Adoption and fostering

Home for Good - This Evangelical Alliance initiative is one of many that are holding out adoption and fostering as key kingdom ministries, inviting the Church to “build home” for those without parental care.
Vulnerable children and adults

Prospects - This initiative looks to help vulnerable children and adults, especially those with particular physical and mental needs, access Church and Community, and thereby “settle down” in communities across the UK.

An example of local delivery for the building of home for vulnerable young people that CCM seek to partner with, is called Fledge Check them out, as they hope their model will be reproducible and useful when delivered through “regional church”.

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Communal Living – 21st Century patterns

In terms of cultural impact, we at CCM are watching and praying to see if the Government’s renewed commitment to assist house-building with the “Help-to-Buy” Scheme will lead to joint expressions of communal living as believers. CCM consider shared mortgage and rental for communal living, particularly for young people, may offer a prophetic challenge to the societal trend towards more and more single-person accommodation.

CCM are tracking the latest initiative from the RICS in this possible Jeremiah 29 Challenge aspect - are Garden Cities the model for the future?

Home for Good

Prospects Vision