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“Praying and Seeking to prosper the culture that has exiled the Church”

Daniel is obviously our inspiration in understanding this aspect of the Jeremiah 29 Challenge. Whilst Joseph in exile in Eqypt had a similar pattern of ministry, it is to Daniel we turn to, as he was a key figure in the Babylonian exile - as were his three compatriots. We note how he was particularly gifted to help the leaders of Babylonian culture fulfil their “God-given dreams”. He helped them prosper the Babylonian culture he had been exiled to. This idea of blessing the culture and to help our leaders with the God-given elements of policy, that has exiled us, is controversial to say the least!

The “Hope for our Times” series on Revelation TV, presented by Danny Stupple, one of our CCM Trustees – sought to introduce Holy Spirit inspired initiatives which have begun to prosper UK culture - from its margin.

The introduction to the series can be seen below

There then followed 3 examples in the programmes that followed :

1. Street and School Pastors – Ascension Trust leader Les Isaac OBE and a local leader of the Eastleigh Region Pastors were interviewed

2. Foodbanks - Eastleigh Basics Bank – personnel were interviewed as an example “on the ground” (See also BBC South Today Report to give context)

3. Alternative Public Services provision – the leader of ARK in the Eastleigh region was also interviewed

CCM think these sorts of initiatives, and many others, will ultimately impact UK culture as they seek to prosper it.


Street and School Pastors

Alternative Public Services provision

BBC South Today Report