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Fulfilment of Prophecy – Park Farm “comes home”!

After receiving certain prophetic words given to the CCM trustees over the years it was believed that Home Farm would one day return “home” to join the House and Grounds. This opportunity came in 2010, when the farmland and farmhouse, known then as Park Farm, were heard to be up for sale. Immediately following the General Election of 2010 the re-ordering of Central Bedfordshire Council meant that negotiations could begin in earnest. The amazing generosity of CCM donors enabled purchase to take place in late 2011 for use as “public benefit”, which was able to be delivered, totally in alignment with the CCM mission statement - and that of Harvest Vision – as understood from the Lord and published in 1993 / 4. (See elsewhere at our CCM tab in the
“Moggerhanger Miracle”).

18 September 2010 Open Day - when news of Park Farm “coming home” was announced by Tim Vince and Clifford Hill to those gathered at The Park that day.
A Kingdom Business Model of ministry delivery

Throughout 2012 negotiations as to the form of administration and delivery of ministry took place. It was finally agreed by the CCM Trustees to follow exactly the same model as that of the House and Grounds by Harvest Vision, which meant setting up a separate Operating Company, Moggerhanger Park Home Farm Limited (MPHFL).

MPHFL have sought to follow through the ongoing idea that Moggerhanger exists to engage with culture. It has done this by setting up a “kingdom business” model for delivery of ministry. This has entailed setting up “kingdom companies” at Home Farm to run ministry into culture on a “return for blessing” basis, to those receiving the ministry. Obviously, contemporary Christian ministry can then happen at cost or free, from returns made from value generated by service to the culture.

Taste and see……

Please come and see this CCM model of sustainable ministry in action when you visit us. Once more, use of the Farm for you and your people is always possible in addition to House and Grounds – Moggerhanger is after all one family in all that it seeks to offer. Lets us know if we can help.

Roger Whitehead Home Farm Limited

“The CCM Home Farm Plan – 2014 onwards”.