Statement of Faith

As with all aspects of ministry at Moggerhanger, CCM stands with the UK Evangelical Alliance and considers its “basis of faith” to be the agreed “working document” to explain the basis of our communal faith at The Park and our commitment to relational and collaborative work with other ministries and organisations.

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1. CCM – The Project Delivery Phase

Laying the Foundations

The Centre for Contemporary Ministry was founded in 1989 as a Christian educational charity to provide courses, conferences and sabbaticals for men and women with Christian leadership responsibilities. It was originally based in London at 175 Tower Bridge Road London SE1, where its activities included education, training, research, social action and publications.
CCM was founded by the trustees of two charities - Prophetic Word Ministries (PWM) and the British Church Growth Association (BCGA) - to be the vehicle for their joint educational, research and training work. Each of the two founding trusts brought valuable experience and resources into the new trust which enabled CCM to build on a strong foundation.
Prophetic Word Ministries
PWM along with its publication “Prophecy Today” had for a number of years, taken considerable interest in the health and wellbeing of family life in the UK perceiving that 'the family' is the key social institution in the nation and its health is a determinant in the values of society and their generational transmission through the socialisation of the young. PWM, through its magazine had many thousands of supporters who got actively involved and was able to raise funds for research and to support staff.
This research, although funded by PWM was published by CCM as an educational trust. The CCM trustees, although originally only interested in in-service training of ministers, recognised that in a situation of rapid social change the churches could play a vital role in stemming the tide of family breakdown and providing resources for those who were most at risk. The CCM trustees were happy to be the vehicle for publishing a number of Research Reports through the links of its directors with the Parliamentary Family and Child Protection Group.
The reports were launched in either the Lords or the Commons and one of these reports “The Cost of Family Breakdown” is still in the House of Commons’ Library and is quoted in debates. This research became a major CCM project and eventually the Trustees decided it should have an independent identity which resulted in the formation of the 'Family Matters Institute' which is now an independent registered charity. CCM Trustees directed resources into this work and through its links with the churches it was able to make parenting courses and family oriented activities more widely available in many communities.

Another PWM activity which was taken over by CCM was 'Ethics in the City' - a forum for considering the role of ethical principles in the workplace. Regular lunchtime and early evening meetings took place with Christians in the City of London through the period 1980 to 1995. They explored a variety of themes in relation to ethical standards in business. Meetings were held either in the offices of Nat-West Bank or at St Margaret's Church at the rear of the Bank of England. These meetings paved the way for the formation of the
Thornton Institute several years later following CCM's move to Moggerhanger Park.
The British Church Growth Association
The BCGA was founded in 1979 by leaders of all the main line Christian denominations in the UK to study group dynamics and a wide range of other factors that either encourage or depress numerical and relationship growth. Its research team carried out many studies in different social environments from inner-city dysfunctional groups to rural communities. Many of these studies were published and formed the subject-matter for conferences and leadership consultations.

BCGA also carried out research into World Mission, working with a number of missionary organisations, studying world trends in the growth or decline of religious communities and noting areas of conflict and the work of conflict resolution. This research into World Mission at one time was hoped would give CCM and academic research base at its then HQ in Bawtry Hall. Through the BCGA’s wide range of activities, which included both academic research and action research, BCGA built up a large library of resources which was eventually acquired by C & M Ministries for CCM to service its courses and was incorporated into the library at Moggerhanger.
Further research was carried out into church structures and institutional health through “Natural Church Development” which was launched in the UK by BCGA and is continued and expanded today in
Healthy Church UK.
In 1992 CCM ran a series of pilot courses for ministers in pastoral charge. These were held at the Kings Centre Northampton and were a prelude to moving to Bawtry Hall Yorkshire in 1993 where an administrative base was established for organising residential courses.

The Centre Directors were Clifford and Monica Hill; the Pastoral Directors were Russell and Lesley Howell; and the Mission Research Director was George Baxter. The administrative base was run by two staff, Lyn Wortley and Meg Booth.

Regular In-Service Training courses were provided for ministers and lay leaders of all denominations. These courses were either of five-day or three-day duration and covered a variety of useful subjects - the courses in most demand were:

  • 'Gaining a Wider Vision'
  • ‘Turning Vision in Strategy'

The key concept underlying all CCM's educational provision was ‘Social Change’. CCM's courses aimed to act as a resource for Christian leaders by providing:-

  • Understanding of the forces of social change in postmodern Britain
  • Tools for analysis and assessment of the diverse situations facing the church in different environments such as multicultural inner-city areas, city centres and rural areas
  • A forum for the discussion of new community outreach concepts
  • Analysis of the British situation in the worldwide context

The Centre helped many ministers make the most of their sabbatical experiences and also organised consultations for leaders on current trends in church and secular society.

In 1994 and 1995 two consultations were held to consider the phenomenon known as the 'Toronto Blessing' that had been embraced by a number of churches in Britain and was the subject of diverse views. The papers read and the discussions that took place at these consultations resulted in the publication by CCM of a book entitled ‘Blessing the Church?’ edited by Clifford Hill that set out the theological and historical background to the movement. The book became a best seller and was also published in the USA and translated into several European languages.
In 1997 the Centre for Contemporary Ministry moved to Moggerhanger Park where significant steps were taken to expand and develop its research base and build upon the links in world mission and outreach, with the family, and also working with Christian MPs.

Dr Clifford Hill, who was a member of the Parliamentary All Party Family and Child Protection Group, co-ordinated a large Academic Working Party (26 members) that carried out an enquiry into the effects of pornography and violence in the media upon family life, with a special concern for the effects upon children. The group had earlier produced a report, Violence, Pornography and the Media, published by CCM in 1996 and copies were given to Members of both Houses of Parliament.

The following year another parliamentary research project directed by the CCM team examined the changing patterns of family life. This research produced the report, 'Family Matters', which was presented to the then Home Secretary, the Right Hon Jack Straw MP, at a packed meeting in the Moses Room in the House of Lords on 23rd July 1998.

The rising tide of family breakdown and its effects upon the lives of children were examined again producing a series of further research reports that were also undertaken by CCM under the patronage of the Parliamentary Family and Child Protection Group. These were: - 'Sex Under Sixteen', (Published by The Family Education Trust) 'Does Your Mother Know?' and 'The Cost of Family Breakdown' (both published by CCM).
Family Matters Institute
A major outcome of this research was the formation of a new department of the Centre for Contemporary Ministry, - the 'Family Matters Initiative', which later became 'The Family Matters Institute'.

The Institute remained under CCM's charitable umbrella for several years with its own management board from the year 2000. It took over responsibility for publishing a number of research reports, resources for parents and for those running parenting courses, work-books for children and a helpline for those finding it difficult to cope with debt. The Institute finally gained its own independent charitable status in 2004.
Widening of Projects
The vision for CCM widened once it was established at Moggerhanger and it rapidly became the lead ministry coordinating the work of other ministries not just at Moggerhanger but often wider afield as when exhibiting at the CRE. It often had a number of projects running at the same time.
Outreach Projects
Following research into 'New Outreaches in Mission' instigated through BCGA, CCM was invited to launch a new initiative at the Christian Resources Exhibition - 'The Sharing Show' - which gave them a voice in the national exhibition at Sandown Park Esher in 2006. Philip Walker, Liz and Syd Doyle and Maurice and Christine Kane played a large part in these projects.

The Sharing Show was expanded in 2007 and an invitation given for it to be used at all the Christian Resources Exhibitions in other parts of the country from 2008.

This led to several national initiatives coordinated by CCM with Liz and Syd Doyle, beginning with
Love Cornwall that brought together churches of all denominations in Cornwall for a month of united outreach in September 2006. This resulted in over 100 people making decisions to give their lives to the Lord on the streets in towns across the County. This outreach was repeated in Cornwall in 2008 and it also triggered Love Leicester, Love Ashford, Love Croydon, Love London and several other similar cross cultural events from 2007 to 2009.
CCM took responsibility for the operation of Moggerhanger House and estate from the time of its coming to Moggerhanger in 1997. CCM trustees obtained a three-year grant from The Jerusalem Trust in 1998 to employ a Manager (Simon Cooper) and to set up a team of staff and volunteers for this purpose, arranging joint events as well as overseeing the early stages of the restoration (working with Moggerhanger House Preservation Trust when it was formed by Harvest Vision) and its continuing maintenance. This responsibility was handed over to a separate organisation in 2002 which led to the formation of Moggerhanger Park Ltd (the trading arm of MHPT) in 2004.
Wilberforce and the Clapham Group
In the year 2000 the Centre undertook a major research project examining the history of Moggerhanger Park's links with the Thornton Family; the connection with William Wilberforce and the movement for the abolition of the slave trade; the abolition of slavery in the British Empire; the connection with the Clapham Group; and the movement for moral and spiritual transformation begun in the eighteenth century.
It led to the founding of
'Clapham Connections' as a division of the Centre for Contemporary Ministry through which several projects were developed which became important parts of the Ministry.
Social Change
Of particular interest were the strategies of social change employed by the Clapham Group and their work in education, health and welfare. This led to the question as to whether similar strategies could be of relevance in 21st century Britain, which in turn led to the establishment of two major projects: - 'The Christian Workplace Forum' and 'Transform-uk'.
Christian Workplace Forum
In 2002 CCM’s links with Christians in Parliament led to joint discussions on diversity and the role of Christians in the workplace which subsequently led to the formation of the 'Christian Workplace Forum' (CWF) and Ros Turner became a member of staff. The Forum grew rapidly into a network of over 100 workplace associations in the professions, commerce and industry. The work of the Forum was to encourage effective partnership between associations as well as to give support to Christian colleagues in the workplace and to encourage Christian influence at board level. In 2007 the Forum became an independent charity while remaining in partnership with CCM.
Spiritual Opening
In 2004 CCM was largely responsible for organising what became known as the ‘Spiritual Opening’ of Moggerhanger House. The restoration of the house was due to be completed by the end of 2003 so the MHPT trustees with the ministries fixed a date for the official opening in October 2004 Dr Williams the Archbishop agreed to attend the ceremony. Delays in the restoration work meant that the house could not be finished by this date, so it was decided to go ahead with the event although it could not be the official opening of the house. The Ministries led by CCM agreed take responsibility, the chapel was consecrated for marriages by Dr Williams and over 300, mainly Ministry supporters, came on the day which was a great success.
A number of the leaders in the Christian Workplace Associations linked together with CCM’s Joint Directors to work on devising effective strategies of change in society. They worked with leaders in the professions and industry as well as with politicians. Meetings were held in the House of Commons which were productive in thinking through the issues of diversity and the role of faith in the workplace. Meetings around the country were held and an inter-actove effective website was built up.

In 2008 'Transform UK' and the 'Christian Workplace Forum' were re-launched as 'Transform Work UK', an independent charity with a board formed from leaders of 'Transform UK' and the 'Christian Workplace Forum'. This was another major initiative birthed and developed by CCM until it was strong enough to become independent.
The Zong
Spirit of Wilberforce

The most highly publicised event to commemorate the Abolition year was the bringing into London of a replica 18th century slave ship The Zong and opening it to the public for a ten day period during March/April 2007 under the title
Free at Last? CCM’s Prayer Partners provided over £300,000 for this project which attracted over 6,000 visitors including many MPs and Peers and was opened by the Mayor of London. The wooden sailing ship was accompanied up the River Thames and through Tower Bridge into the Pool of London by HMS Northumberland as part of the Navy's contribution to the national commemorations. The CCM team mounted an exhibition of ‘slavery past and present’ in All Hallows by the Tower and a virtual reality display on board the Zong depicting conditions endured by Africans on the Atlantic slave trade.

CCM’s supporters provided a team of 130 volunteers to care for members of the public who visited the ship. Matt Buttery managed the whole project and Liz and Syd Doyle and many others played a major part. A research project monitored its effectiveness with a ‘before and after’ questionnaire, the results of which were analysed and published in 'The Zong Report'. The overwhelmingly positive public response called for The Zong to be a permanent feature in London which Ken Livingstone said would be ‘iconic’.

A number of the presentations on board the Zong were adapted in subsequent years as a Travelling Exhibition which was used in many locations as diverse as the foyer of KPMG in London, the Christian Resources Exhibition and Guildford Cathedral.

The Zong Slave - a record

Visitors to the Exhibition

On-Board Service – 05 April 2007

The on-board Slavery Exhibition 

History of the Slave Trade

The Zong comes to London

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The Zong - Measured Outcome

Community Relations
In 2008 Yemi, who had recently left CMS after seven years and become part of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Leadership Team, joined the staff of CCM on a part-time fixed term contract to develop a new project in community relations linking African, Caribbean and English denominational churches. Despite Yemi’s commitment and personal experience this proved to be a difficult project and while good relationships were developed with a number of local churches, progress at a national level was hard to achieve, particularly in establishing closer relationships between the African and Caribbean churches. Yemi succeeded in establishing ‘Quiet Mondays’ at Moggerhanger Park which attracted local ministers to come for a day of spiritual enrichment and good food. At the end of the contract Yemi continued to serve as a CCM Trustee while giving more time to the Redeemed Christian Church and other national bodies. Leadership Development and Lifeskills programmes across the ethnic groups were developed later from this base.
Heal Our Land

Throughout 2009 CCM then acted as partner with Carol and Jesse Owens and Sid and Liz Doyle to bring Heal Our Land to the Nation in 2010. A launch event was held at Moggerhanger Park on 12 September 2009, to which many UK national ministry partners were invited. Please refer to the video clips and website from those days – they were truly exciting as the Lord moved powerfully to unite regional Church across the UK. Our great gratitude to The Jerusalem Trust for their support will always be remembered. Many have testified to the help this initiative was in bringing together regional church as one in certain areas of the UK.
Clifford Hill spoke at Moggerhanger on the “Battle of Britain” as matters stood in September 2010.
Pope Benedict spoke to British Politicians on 17 September 2010 and challenged the marginalisation of the Christian Faith from the Public Square CCM consider the scene was set to prepare the Church for an outpouring of the Lord's grace upon the Uk culture throughout 2011-12.

The strong prophetic message entitled “The Jehoshaphat Mission”, which was considered significant in that it emphasised the “consulting of the people as to what the Church should do” has led to ongoing regional expressions of strength in the Churches of Ashford, Eastleigh and Liverpool to this day. Please refer to the comment paper prepared at the time

HoL Ashford

HoL Liverpool

HoL Fair Oak

Home Farm
In 2005 Keith Peacock, the neighbouring farmer, had retired and Bedfordshire County Council decided to break up the 600 acre farm into 10 lots and offer them for sale. MHPT trustees made an offer for the farmhouse and barns which was unsuccessful. CCM then put a lot of time and energy into obtaining a Government grant for both the farmhouse site and the 45 acres to the north of the estate. This was for a youth and family project and involved a number of youth groups in the area but the grant application was not successful. The following year a similar grant application was submitted jointly with Bedfordshire County Council for a Capital funding grant which also was not successful. Following this CCM trustees made a decision to lease the land and the County Council agreed but restricted it to 25 years. This was considered to be too short a lease for obtaining major grants from trusts and so the trustees embarked on a project to acquire the freehold of the land with the farmhouse, barns and greenhouses.

An appeal to CCM's Prayer Partners produced more than £500,000 which (although £200k was in interest free loans) was sufficient to cover the £435,000 for the freehold purchase, leaving a small start-up fund and more funds and grants came in. A team of some 50 volunteers cleared the weeds on the farmhouse site under a ‘licence to occupy’ from Central Bedfordshire Council and did a great deal of preparatory work as well as holding open days for the village. A good working relationship was established with Barnfield College and Beni Wright did a lot of work on the management of the woods for Forest Schools. One of CCM's trustees, Ken Wallace, an architect, surveyed the barns and drew up plans in preparation for submission for planning permission. He also made contact with the Planning Officers and had on-site consultations with them, including gaining permission for the installation of several temporary buildings on site.
Post 2010
Moggerhanger Park Home Farm Limited (MPHFL) is now the Operating Company for CCM and forms a dynamic partnership of oversight and vision with practical commitment through kingdom-based businesses, who deliver ministry in a sustainable model.

2. CCM – the fulfilment of the original Moggerhanger Vision – The Catalyst Phase begins!

By the end of 2010, after being obedient to all this itinerant work for the Lord over the years, it was believed by the CCM Trustees that the original Moggerhanger Vision was now ready for fulfilment.

The Harvest Vision statement of 1993 stated :

Moggerhanger Park is to be and to be known as :

A place of prophetic witness to the church and nation

A Ministry Centre for evangelical Christian teaching and training

A house of prayer and refuge

A Christian resource and study centre

A Christian residential conference and retreat centre

An active community expressing the love of Christ and committed to the advancement of the Christian religion

Please refer to this video (in restored VHS format) to feel again the heady excitement of those first groundbreaking days of revelation for both HV and CCM!

The possibility of the purchase of Home Farm in 2010 onwards (known then as Park Farm) was seen as the last remaining piece of the “jigsaw puzzle” of the Lord’s will to permanently locate CCM and its ministry with Harvest Vision at Moggerhanger. Following completion of purchase in late 2011 / early 2012, 200 years to the year of the Thornton family refurbishment of the property in 1812, House, Gardens and Home Farm were “one family” again!

Family Matters Institute and Issachar Ministries are already presently resident at Moggerhanger Park and we hope to foster closer and closer partnership links as members of the “Moggerhanger Family”.

2014 – 20 years after the Miracle of Moggerhanger had begun CCM are now ready after years of itinerant project delivery to use their experience and connections to play their small but hopefully significant part in helping “catalyse” a movement for collaborative contemporary Christian ministry based at Moggerhanger Park and thereby, God willing, achieve godly change in both 21
st Century UK Church and Culture.