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"Moggerhanger - Where Past and Present Meet for prophetic destiny”

When you visit Moggerhanger, please ask to see our exhibition, which tells the story of the House and Grounds and its renovation, together with setting the historical context of it being the Thornton Family home and a base for the activities of the Clapham Group. This introductory video will help in the meantime…..

We have also included a Report sent out to supporters of CCM in January 1998, without correction for later events, to enable you to experience the exciting miraculous provision for Moggerhanger as it developed - through great difficulty!
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The hand of the Lord has continued to be with us - all through to the spiritual blessing of the House by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams in 2004, the Royal Visit by Prince Charles in 2006 and the civic opening in 2007 (see video at “The Moggerhanger Miracle” tab)
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The Archbishop's Prayer

In 2008/9 we had to face another “challenge”! It transpired that the original Structural Engineer had made an error as to the support required for the Eating Room beam and twisting cracks began to appear.

We wish to record our testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness in that, although it was to take us nearly 3 years to resolve, the failure in the structural integrity of the original solution meant that the first-floor floorboards had to be lifted for repairs.

During this great frustration, as we saw it, we were all so encouraged when Clifford Hill found a manuscript prophecy in his Bible, that he had forgotten, from 1995, which fell to the floor during a prayer meeting in 2010, which stated –

‘My children, you will be much bigger than a relay station. You will be a transmitter! You will be a voice in this nation and not an echo. My children, you have seen my handiwork at firsthand and I have built your faith on the journey. Remember in the future what I can do, and what I will accomplish, and do not allow yourselves to be daunted by what is in hand or by what is in the future. "The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of this temple; his hands will also complete it." (Zechariah 4.9)’

The delay in the provision of the bedrooms meant that we were able to consider installing “trunking” for future fibre-optic cabling for HD quality TV production, which if there had been no need to repair, or after the Eating Room Beam repair, would never have been reasonably possible again! The fact that Tim Vince was CEO of CCM at the time, with the requisite skill to oversee the installation of the trunking installation was a cause for great rejoicing!

If this was not enough, when the final repair of the Eating Room beam had been designed it was necessary for the design solution for the beam “to be supported from above’! We believe that again the Lord was speaking to us in the Story of the renovation of the House itself, that it would only succeed because it was being “supported from above” – by the Lord Himself!

Finally, with the completion of the bedrooms in 2012 – 200 years to the year following the original Thornton family remodelling, the Story was ready to tell in full.

2013 then saw the setting up of two kingdom businesses to begin delivering CCM’s ministries at Home Farm and at the Vision Days held on 4/5
th September established the agreement for proceeding with this website and the launch of CCM as a “catalyst” ministry, moving on from its earlier “project delivery” model, now that the House, Grounds and Farm were open for “kingdom business”!

2014 is therefore the launch of our “catalyst” phase of ministry…so, go to the Home Page to follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, make “Contact” as per the tab on or simply tag this website in your “favourites” to keep in touch with the ongoing Story!